"My right hand will be for humans, my left for Akumas"- Allen's Eternal QuestEdit

Allen WalkerEdit

Allen Walker is the main protagonist and member of the religious organization known as the Black Order, in the anime and manga series D.Gray-man, by Katsura Hoshino. He is the apprentice to Cross Marian.

Allen Walker




Allen Walker


Aren Wōkā



December 25th (unofficial)

About 15

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Silvery-White (used to be reddish-brown)

Blood Type:





Mana Walker (adoptive father)
The 14th (adoptive parental uncle)


Black Order(European Branch)
Cross Marian's Unit


Cross -> Crowned Clown
Pentacle Eye



Sanae Kobayashi

Todd Haberkorn

Personal InfoEdit

Hobbies: Eating, Playing Cards, Fighting Akuma

Favourite Food: Mitarashi Dango!

Dislikes: Alcohol, Yu Kanda, Cross Marian and his debts, Millenium Earl, And being called "Beansprout"

Likes: Timcampy, Mana Walker

Time lineEdit

Age 7: Was adopted by Mana Walker and traveled with him.

Age 9: Played the Pierrot and visited all sorts of places with Mana.

Age 10: Mana passed away. On Christmas Eve Millenium Earl visited Allen and made Mana an Akuma, Allen was then cursed by him. His Innocence then activated for the first time and destroyed Mana. After that he met Cross Marian

Age 11: Traveled with General Cross and learned how to control his Innocence.

Age 15: Cross told Allen to become an Exorcist, then disappeared in India. Allen went to the Black Order and became an Exorcist.


Allen is polite, friendly and well-mannered person, but he never backs down the challenge. Because of his Parasitic Type Innocence Allen needs to keep his energy up and thus, he possesses a voracious appetite and can eat massive amounts of food in a single meal. He thinks of food even in serious situations. He's loyal and cares about his friends, because he comes countless times to help them out. He never gives up because of his vow to Mana to never give up and keep moving forward. Allen's kind-hearted and he treasures all life, he swore to keep protecting humans and release Akuma as long as he lives. Allen has also got a "dark" side which he shows while gambling or remembering about the debts his master left him. This personality, a polar contrast to his usualy behavious makes many wonder what Cross had done to him.


Allen was abandoned by his parents due to his deformed left arm which then revealed itself as Innocence. He was adopted at age of 7 by a travelling performer named Mana Walker on Christmas Day, Allen travelled by Mana's side. Sadly after 3 years Mana passed away. On Christmas Eve Allen was visited my Millenium Earl who lied to Allen that he would bring Mana back for him. He foolishly believed The Earl which led to Allen turning Mana into an Akuma. Allen then realised that Millenium Earl is evil when his beloved adoptive father cursed Allen. Mana Akuma then sliced through Allen's left eye, leaving the "Pentacle" --The mark of Akuma. This enabled Allen to see the souls trapped inside of Akuma as his arm turned into Anti-Akuma Weapon, which instinctively destroyed Mana Akuma. During thi traumatic event Allen's hair turned from brown into stark white.

Allen eventually met Cross Marian who taught him the ways of Akuma and the souls trapped inside them. Once a soul becomes trapped inside an Akuma, they are trapped forever; and that the only way to save one is to exorcise them from their Akuma vessel. That's how Allen became Cross' apprentice and spent 3 years with him before being sent to the Black Order in order to become an official Exorcist. During the three years Allen was tormented by his master's constants irresponsible behaviour and was forced to do various jobs in order pay off his debts. This, coupled with Cross' womanizing and the harsh treatment, led Allen to more fearing him than respecting his master whom he never speaks fondly of. In fact, when Jasdevi claims that Cross is like a demon, Allen denies this and instead insists that Cross really is a demon. In addition, when Jasdevi reveal that the debts Cross left to them was about 2 million yen, Allen grows demon horns, laughs at them, and calls their debts small change in comparison to his own, leaving Lavi to wonder just how much money Allen had been made to pay.

In addition to being physically fit and skillet in combat Allen has few odd talents and skills. Allen learnt to play cards at a very young age, at first he played cards to rehabilitate his paralised left arm but then he realised that when putting his life on the line in dirty salloons, one's skills quickly increase. He also learned how to cheat and win through deception and doesn't hesitate to use these tactics whenever necessary. In fact, he is quite proud of his talents. This is a stark contrast to his polite and courteous nature and often surprises his friends who wouldn't expect such a dark side to Allen and has caused them to wonder just what Cross has done to him. Walker also possesses circus abilities such as juggling and acrobatics, which he learned from traveling with Mana who was himself a circus clown by trade.

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